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If you or your child needs some extra help and support with maths, look no further. Contact Maths Tuition for professional private tuition in the Stockport area.

Private maths tuition is often the key to a student’s educational success. Tuition sessions are usually for one hour at a time, but can be longer if more intensive study is required.

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Mathematics Tuition

Experience has shown that personal tuition gives a student a greater understanding of subject matter that they may have failed to grasp in a conventional classroom environment. This understanding can mean the difference between success and failure. It can also help students enjoy subjects that previously were inaccessible. Private maths tuition is beneficial for many reasons, such as:

  • If students are falling behind, it enables them to catch up
  • If they are aiming for places at university, it can help them achieve the required grades
  • It can help them during stressful periods, such as the run up to exams
  • It can offer extra educational and emotional support
  • It can keep the gifted interested in their studies, enabling them to reach their true potential
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Extracurricular Tuition

To improve grades and confidence

Working one-to-one with an experienced tutor often helps to substantially improve a student’s performance in exams by:

  • Helping to increase confidence and, in turn, decrease exam nerves
  • Ensuring the student has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the syllabus
  • Working through past-papers. This is essential, and doing so with a tutor who not only knows the subject matter, but all the tricks of the trade, gives a student a real advantage
  • Having someone you can ask those questions that you have not perhaps had the time, opportunity or confidence to do so at school

An experienced and friendly tutor

I offer private tuition to all levels of ability, including higher-level mathematics. All bookings are subject to availability and are made on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. Services include:

  • Private lessons – usually one hour

  • Tuition and Support

    For adult learners needing to get through the numeracy component of their chosen course – for example, teachers, nurses and police entry.

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